The Future Of Connected Worker Software

Leverage the power of team synergy and experience a new era of efficiency, safety, and 360° visibility by eliminating paper and going fully digital.

connected worker software
connected worker software

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Innovations In Instant Digital Documentation

flowdit excels in document capture, communication, and collaboration, enabling teams to effortlessly work through roadblocks and day to day operations.
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Streamlined Onboarding And Employee Training

Make onboarding more effortless and intuitive with your own connected worker solutions. Systematize training with easily digestible digital materials. flowdit – The All-In Connected Worker Software.

Connected worker, work together archive operational excellence

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Enhance how your team captures data, identifies improvement areas, and collaborates with our mobile app.
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Enabling Connected Remote Workers

In an increasingly remote world, staying connected is paramount to productivity. We help you seamlessly digitize workflows, collaboration, and communication.

Enable and connect remote workers

Connected Worker Software: Advanced Analytics

Lead your team with decisions based on real-time data. Unlock insights and trends with dashboards and analytics designed around KPIs.

Analytics for an effective connected Team

Seamless Integration With Third-Party Systems

flowdit is super-connective with today’s leading systems and databases, thanks to our serverless microservice architecture.

Integration flowdit in ERP, SAP, google, Azure, Microsoft

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Capture, share, and manage Inspections in realtime

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FAQ: Connected Worker Software

A digital platform that streamlines communication, collaboration, and documentation for frontline workers.

Improved productivity, reduced onboarding time, increased safety, and enhanced visibility.

Any industry with frontline workers, such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and retail.

Issue reporting, field service, work instructions, checklist and form management, and task management.

flowdit provides a central platform for workers to communicate with each other, supervisors, and managers.

It provides digital training materials and task guidelines to make onboarding more efficient.

It allows workers to report hazards and incidents in real-time, and provides access to safety protocols and procedures.