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Environmental Health and Safety software mobile app displaying real-time data and statistics for project monitoring
Environmental Health and Safety software mobile app displaying real-time data and statistics for project monitoring

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Inspections & Audits

Automate daily inspections & audits for and EHS Excellence.

  • Monitor workplace conditions
  • Improve equipment maintenance
  • Control waste management
Safety and Compliance

Ensure safety, compliance and optimize project outcomes.

  • Ensure adherence to EHS regulations
  • Keep workers safe and healthy
  • Included incident management
Risk assessment

Identifying hazards and evaluating their potential risks.

  • Proactive Hazard Identification
  • Tailored mitigation measures
  • Prevent workplace accident costs
Corrective actions

Simplify defect resolution by investigating, analyzing, and preventing efficiently.

  • Reduce the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)
  • Identify Root Causes (RCA)
  • Meet customer requierments
Collaboration and Communication

Maximize your productivity in a remote world.

  • Enabling simple remote worker
  • Collaborative checklists & forms
  • Streamlined onboarding & employee training
Tracking and reporting

Implement systems to monitor and document adherence to policies and standards.

  • Real-time reporting
  • Customizable reports
  • Track projects, errors, equipment and asset

Armed with all the necessary tools for EHS Management

Inspections & Audits

Automate daily inspections & audits

Unlock the power to refine your processes and catalyze continuous improvement. Turn EHS audits and inspections into actionable plans for peak efficiency and compliance. Stay on top of workplace conditions, equipment upkeep, waste handling, and all vital EHS elements with unmatched precision.

Environmental Health and Safety inspection checklist with audit progress and due dates on a mobile interface
Safety compliance checklist on a mobile device with Environmental Health and Safety regulatory adherence

Safety and Compliance

How EHS Software Simplifies Compliance and Safety

Designed to automate regulatory compliance, inspections, audits, and risk management, our EHS Software not only simplifies compliance but also turns complex data into actionable insights. Enhance workplace safety, reduce incidents, and foster a proactive safety culture effortlessly. Join us to make your operations more efficient and your workplace safer.

Risk assessment

Master Risk with Proactive Assessments

Unlock the power of safety with proactive risk assessments. By identifying, evaluating, and mitigating hazards, your organization can safeguard employees, streamline operations, and minimize liabilities. Embrace a strategic approach to workplace safety and health management—prioritize, control, and conquer risks efficiently.

Mobile app screen showing a risk assessment module with various risk levels and to-do actions

Corrective Actions

Corrective Action Simplified

Swiftly identify and rectify hazards and compliance issues discovered during inspections. Our streamlined approach ensures not only immediate resolution but also long-term prevention, keeping your operations safe and compliant. Take action today for a safer tomorrow

Mobile application showing corrective actions with an image capture feature for issue reporting in engine maintenance

Setup and Onboarding

Our team guides you through a personalized setup process, ensuring a perfect fit for your project’s needs.

On-Premise Installation

Unmatched control, security, and customization with on-premise solutions to keep data safe and compliant.

Data protection

Rest assured, with our tools, your data is in safe hands – fully compliant with Europeans data protection laws.

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Getting Started with flowdit

Collaboration and Communication

Optimizing Team Collaboration and Communication

Optimize team collaboration through intuitive features designed to enhance communication. Our EHS software makes it easier to share updates, report incidents or issues and keep everyone in the organization informed in real-time. Embedded notifications ensure that no task goes unnoticed, fostering a proactive approach to project management.

Mobile application interface for safety inspection with checklist and reporting features
Tracking and reporting interface for Environmental Health and Safety metrics on a digital dashboard

Tracking and reporting

Master EHS Tracking and Reporting

Transform EHS reporting with our advanced EHS Software, designed to simplify incident documentation, root cause analysis and . Our intuitive platform ensures accurate reporting, swift preventive action, and seamless tracking of corrective measures, keeping you ahead in safety compliance and operational excellence. Revolutionize your reporting process for a safer, compliant future.

Collaborative Work
Single Sign On
2-F Authentication
Asset Management
Cloud Storage
Checklists & forms
Media Upload
Barcode Scanning
Multi Site Assets

Additional tools for your EHS processes

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Integrating Safety, Quality, and Environmental Health Management

Enhance your operations with our integrated EHS management system. By consolidating safety, quality management, and environmental health into one platform, streamline tasks, improve coordination, and foster a culture of safety and quality for continuous improvement.

Integrated SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Quality) management platform showing key compliance indicators
Diagram showing integration of Environmental Health and Safety systems with cloud storage and data platforms

Achieve Optimal Performance with Seamless Integration

Maximize efficiency with our integrated EHS management software, streamlining incident management, training, and corrective actions for enhanced workplace safety. Our rapid integration ensures quick implementation into your existing systems. From the shop floor to the boardroom, every stakeholder shares the responsibility for a safe workplace.

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FAQ: How to Choose the Right EHS Management Software for Your Needs?

EHS software is a platform designed to help organizations manage and improve their environmental, health, and safety operations. It automates and streamlines processes such as compliance management, incident reporting, risk assessment, and sustainability tracking to ensure workplace safety and environmental protection.

The best EHS software is one that fits your organization’s specific needs, offering customization, ease of use, comprehensive features for compliance, risk management, and incident reporting, and scalable solutions for growth. flowdit is recognized for its flexibility, advanced features, and user-friendly interface, making it a leading choice for businesses seeking to enhance their EHS management.

Choosing the right EHS management software involves a thorough evaluation of your organization’s needs and the software’s capabilities. Key features to consider include configurability, integration capabilities, and the extent of coverage across EHS and quality management domains. It’s vital to select a system that offers comprehensive incident management, risk assessment tools, and robust reporting and analytics features. Prioritize software that aligns with your operational processes and can scale with your organization’s growth.

Transitioning from basic safety software to a comprehensive EHS platform requires understanding the breadth of functionalities offered. Look for platforms that provide a unified approach to managing all aspects of health, safety, and environmental management. Comprehensive EHS platforms should offer seamless integration with existing systems, customizable workflows, and advanced data analysis capabilities. The goal is to find a solution that not only meets current needs but also accommodates future expansions and challenges.

When selecting an EHS management software, visibility, configurability, and integration emerge as critical factors. Visibility ensures that all stakeholders have access to relevant information, facilitating better decision-making and accountability. Configurability allows for the adaptation of the software to meet unique organizational needs, ensuring a perfect fit. Lastly, integration capability ensures that the EHS management system works seamlessly with other systems in place, promoting efficiency and reducing redundancy. A platform that excels in these areas will significantly contribute to the effectiveness of your EHS program.

Consider your organization’s specific needs, the software’s features, ease of use, and scalability.

Key components of an EHS management system include planning, implementation, evaluation, and continuous improvement.